STE Champions

Set The Expectation Champions is a global network of current and former athletes dedicated to using the power of their platforms to champion community agencies and groups who serve families and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Inaugural Champions
James Smith-Williams
Team: Washington Football Team - NFL
City: Washington D.C.
Andi Sullivan
Team: Washington Spirit - NWSL
City: Washington D.C.

Acting as ambassadors of the Set The Expectation (STE) nonprofit, Champions must have a track record of behavior that reflects kindness, compassion, dignity and respect for others. They must be willing to learn and unlearn, hold themselves accountable and act as leaders and agents for change both on and off the field and court.

To the best of their ability and as work schedules permit, STE Champions will partner with community agencies and groups serving families and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Champions will lend their platforms to these agencies and groups with the intent to:

• Raise awareness about the work and programs of their community partners.
• Highlight the needs of their community partners and how to connect with and support them.
• As appropriate, engage in events, fundraisers, and campaigns sponsored by their community partners.

FOunding history
Operating under the Set The Expectation nonprofit, the Champions program was founded by NFL player James Smith-Williams of the Washington Football Team. James began his advocacy work with Set The Expectation in 2019 at North Carolina State. A devoted supporter of survivors, James has organized multiple events and taken every opportunity possible to use his platform to raise awareness and give to survivors and their families. James fully understands his individual ability to make a difference, but he also understands the transformational power of athletes coming together for a cause, and it is for this reason that he founded the Champions program.