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Set the expectation that sexual assault and physical violence are never okay. Be part of the movement.
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Set The Expectation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending sexual and interpersonal violence through prevention work with men, advocacy, and engagement with agencies serving survivors and their families.

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The Tracy Rule

A quote graphic that reads: 

"Getting bad grades is an NCAA violation. 

You know what's not an NCAA violation? Rape." 

Brenda Tracy
STE Founder & Survivor

The Tracy Rule is the most comprehensive serious misconduct policy in collegiate athletics, and it meets compliance requirements set forth in the NCAA Policy on Campus Sexual Violence.

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STE Champions

Acting as ambassadors of STE, Champions must have a track record of behavior that reflects kindness, compassion, dignity and respect for others. They must be willing to learn and unlearn, hold themselves accountable and act as leaders and agents for change both on and off the field and court.

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