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Sexual and interpersonal violence not only affects the victim, it affects entire families and can carry lifelong consequences.


*I pledge to display courage and stand up against sexism and all forms of sexual and interpersonal violence. I will not stay silent. If I see something, I will say something. I will challenge others and hold them accountable for their words and actions. I understand that my silence encourages others to believe that I condone their harmful words, beliefs, and behaviors.

*Should I choose to engage in sexual activity with another person, I pledge to obtain ongoing, affirmative consent. I understand that "no means no" and only "yes means yes". I understand that a person incapacitated by drugs and alcohol CANNOT give consent and that the absence of a yes or no is NOT consent.

*I pledge to support survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence. I will not engage in victim blaming and shaming behavior. I will do my part to create an environment where survivors feel safe to report and seek help.

*I pledge to be a leader in both my words and actions and I will do my part to prevent a culture of violence at my school and in my community.

*I pledge to #SetTheExpectation that sexual and interpersonal violence are NEVER ok.

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